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Susanna Vestling

EL Art - Entrepreneurial Learning in Art Education

Secondary art students

The project Entrepreneurial Learning in Art education, EL Art, encourages entrepreneurial learning, multidisciplinary cooperation and networking between different countries and art fields. Secondary art education is mainly focusing on skills training where students get training within their vocational art field. Employment situations in the cultural sector are limited and the business field need an increase of entrepreneurial skills. The graduates often lack the knowledge and experiences to use their skills as professionals since they are not used to thinking as entrepreneurs. The world of creative industries is very project-based and the objective is to enhance project management skills among the students and teachers.

The students will, guided by the teachers, plan creative multidisciplinary projects within their art fields and then present  products during a final show. The partners intend to test tools and methods of entrepreneurial learning within secondary art education through collaboration between different art disciplines, schools and countries. The students  engage in active learning where they both identify their own skills and training needs while they also take more responsibilities in the learning process. 4 workshops will be arranged within the project. 3 entrepreneurs, participating as silent partners, will be invited to workshops and offer their expertise to the students. The entrepreneurs give feedback, evaluate and coach the students in their project activities.

Skolstaden, Nicolaiskolan in Sweden, School voor de kunsten KTM Noorderpoort and Hanzehogeschool Groningen - Minerva Academie voor Popcultuur and Groninger Forum in Netherlands, Stiftelsen Juthbacka and YA in Finland.
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