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Susanna Vestling

Future Language is Robotic Coding

We set up the project with "Your Robot, Your World" motto. We aim to raise awareness for many students, educate students in national and international coding, think analytically, problem-solving, creative, collaborative, design-oriented.

Robotic coding is known as a type of coding consisting of a combination of mechanics and programming. The main aim of Robotic Coding education is to improve students' computational and algorithmic thinking skills.

Our goal is to increase the competencies of teachers and provide our students with information technology skills. to equip them as individuals who produce, not consume. In this context, following the technology closely In addition to using technological products, we teach our students We aim to raise a generation that can also produce products and applications.

Our common goal in our project is to introduce students in our educational regions to innovative methods and good practices. and share our experience and knowledge in the field of Robotic Coding in Europe and with the support of the authorities to increase the number of Robotic Coding classes in our cities.


Projektägare: Denizli il milli egitim mudurlugu, Turkey.

YA, Ataturk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi Turkey, Nezihe Derya Baltali Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi Turkey, Istituto Technico Settore technologico-Liceo Scientifico E Mattei Italy, Escola Secundaria com 3 Ciclo D.Danis Portekiz Portugal, Srednja skola Valpovp Hrvatistan Croatia, Colegiul Tehnic Gheorghe Cartianu Romania.

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