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Susanna Vestling

SWITCH-2-3E - Solutions for a Wider Innovative Technology Change Focusing on Energy Efficiency in Europe


SWITCH-2-3E - Solutions for a Wider Innovative Technology Change Focusing on Energy Efficiency in Europe

 The project aim is the sustainable development of the environment.

To this end the students will:

  1. Make a survey and compare existing solutions for use of  energy   sources in  Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Italy and Germany
  2. Investigate energy saving methods of how to save energy in industry and everyday    life
  3. Look into alternative energy sources in the countries involved
  4. Work out innovative solutions for the local industry and everyday life (e.g. consumer education) and recommendations, both based on the common results of all partners
  5. Document the results of ICT based technologies
  6. Develop teaching material for SWITCH-2-3E based on coordinated       methods and didactics
  7. Present the results in an exhibition prepared by our art and design students

The students will actively participate in the creation of the world they and their children will live in as part of the European Union. The students will widen their horizons beyond the main issue, i.e. energy efficiency: They will also be involved with communication in a European project, project management issues, planning, implementation of results and evaluation.The project preparation meeting has shown a strong commitment of the partners and outstanding teamwork.

Gottlieb-Daimler Schule/Germany, Jedlik Anvos School/Hungary, Polo Scolastico n° 3/Italy and Strömbackaskolan/Sweden.

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